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WiC very low fps

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Hey guys i had a 2900XT and it could play WiC very high settings at around 35fps, now i have two 4870's in crossfire and the games isn't playable even at very low settings :\\ I attached the bench with everything set to very low and a 1280x1024 res.


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Try Updating the drivers and making sure in CCC the Crossfire is enabled/working properly.
Try other drivers and just one video card at time.
Catalyst 9.3 just came out. Go to ATI's site and download that bad boy!
Probably a driver issue, I maxed it DX10 at 1680x1050 with a single 4870, and our rigs are nearly identical.

If that doesn't work, try disabling crossfire to see if it helps for some odd reason.
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Originally Posted by Teufle
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Catalyst 9.3 just came out. Go to ATI's site and download that bad boy!

really sweet! also that is an odd problem, im doin sig rig with all max except aa @ 1920x1080 ~30fps. do i get the 9.3 of vista or 7?

EDIT: nvm. ill do beta package for windows 7...or just do vista 32 bit ccc?
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This one is what you may think obvious but it happens to the best of us check to see if all 4 power connectors are in your cards.
Hey to you all, I waited for my ram to get back and tested it again and
I still got bad FPS. I made a new windows install with latest drivers and still the same, so I disabled CF and it works perfectly.

So the prob is the CF. I have the latest patch on WiC but still no luck.
Crysis works perfectly on CF tho. I don't have 2 CF bridges only one, but I googled and that shouldn't be a problem. I don't have another bridge to test, should I buy one?

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