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Wich cooler to choose for Celeron 420?

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Hey guys,
I've currently got a Celeron 420 proc with the stock cooling, Idle its around 28-29C, and on load +-35C.
Ok, not too bad temps..... BUT... i'm going to overclock my Celeron, to the limit of my MoBo(AsRock 1333-D667)
yes, my mobo is bad, but i'll hope i'll get atleast +-2.6Ghz out of it.
(i have PC5300 mem, wich runs in dualchannel)
So, wich cooler would i choose?
I have been thinking about a Freezer 7 Pro, because it needs to be cheap, or a second hand (very cheap,$8) stockcooler from a QX6700, wich both i'll sure get better temps from.
Any other suggestions??
Help appreciated.

And erhm, sorry for my bad english

Seb AKA Dasparx
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I'd have to recommend the GeminII, which is pretty cheap around here.
any fan with 70-80CFM output will be good. get some silent ones preferrably (or cheap ones).
(if you can find 'em, the Thunderblades look awesome, and are pretty cheap)
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Ok, thanks.
Yeah, i saw saw the geminII in some various benchmarks with an E6600, and it scored pretty well indeed.
(in cooling and silence)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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