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Wich phone should i get?

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Well, after a good year of use, my 6120 screen just has minor scratches and no bumps.
Of course, i want to change my cellphone for a better model and in the price range i have i've selected these two:

Nokia N73 and Nokia 5700 Xpressmusic.

Nokia N73.

Nokia 5700 Xpressmusic.

  • has a much stylish look on it
  • Huge screen
  • Video calls
  • 3.2mp camera w/ Autofocus
  • Lacks of MicroSd
  • And 2.5/3.5mm connection wich for me are very important.
  • A music phone!,
  • Has a 2.5mm connection and
  • Comes with a 2.5 to 3.5mm adapter
  • Is a little cheaper..
  • Is huge
  • even tho its cool, Swivel desing looks its going to have some troubles as time goes by.

both have symbian wich is a 10+

note: other phones are:
W610i( i like, but the software.. is bleh crappy.)
W580( meh, slider)
HTC Touch ( maybe)
W810( it's a brick)
5610 Xpressmusic ( s40 sucks!)

what ya say?
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From my experience n73 is slow, overrated, bulky phone.

I recommend either Nokia 5700 or E63.

+ Nokia Device Software Update is a must
HTC Touch

far better than any of the phones listed and can be customised to no end. + it's touchscreen
So, what is your price range? For unlocked phones, one of the best places to go is.. www.plemix.com I personally like the N82 a LOT. The N79 is a little newer but basically the same. In comparison, the main difference is the N82 has a 5mp camera w/Xenon flash vs the N79's dual LED flash and the N79 also has a built in FM transmitter. From experience, the 5610 is not such a bad phone. There are better phone (obviously), but depending on the price it does its job pretty well. I just do not like how it does not have wi-fi.


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HTC Touch

far better than any of the phones listed and can be customised to no end. + it's touchscreen
That is personal preference, and whether you need/want all that extra stuff that most do not use. I have had a few HTC phones, and I like em. But battery life and such sucks. Their camera's pretty much suck.
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n73, i really like the n96 but thats a really expensive phone
I would recommend the 5700, because I've used the N73 and it's incredibly laggy and freezes a lot. The swivel design is also pretty useful.
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