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Here is the context of my research of a great Wifi AC bridge:
- I live in a 3 rooms flat
- My modem & router (Linksys EA6700 AC 1750) is at the very end of the living room
- My new desktop PC is in the room at the other end of the flat
- Rented flat + WAF means no way to run an ethernet cable from one end to another
- I'm currently using a spare N dongle with B performances

I was planning on getting a nice PCI-E Wifi AC adapter, but I found out the possibility to get a Wifi extender (in bridge mode) for doing the following use cases:
  1. Allow WOL for my desktop for remote sessions
  2. Is possible to plug a printer and reach it remotely
  3. Is fast enough to move my NAS next to the desktop ( = removing a source of noise from the living room + having a direct wired connection between the NAS and the desktop), I need enough throughput for my HTPC running Kodi to stream movies flawlessly. AC 1750 minimum is needed.
Are those 3 use cases doable? The Asus RP-AC68U seems to be a good solution, a bit expensive though. I've checked the (fairly light) manual and there is nothing about plugging a printer. Do you guys have an idea?

Ah, I forgot, a new constraint
I currently live in Romania, here are the models available from my trusty supplier. Any proposal is welcome of course, but I'd rather buy some hardware where I can also be able to return it or have the warranty.

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