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WiFi and Linux

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I need to buy a wifi card for a computer that I have, but I want to make sure it will work with linux. So what is a good card or company that makes wifi cards. I need to connect to the G interface.
I don't really want to spend a lot of time messing with trying to get the internet to work either...

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I have an old bunch of wifi cards (a/b) that I can make work on Linux using ndiswrapper and the windows driver. It is very easy to do.


The guide is set for Ubuntu Linux, but the software is the same for all distros. Whenever there is a version number, use the latest, not necessarily the one given.

Now, to directly address your question, any wireless g card can use this procedure too. Linux recognizes a few wifi chipsets, so if you want easy set-up, you will need to find the particular chipset in the wifi card you want.
newegg has edimax wireless PCI cards based off the Ralink chip, it has linux drivers (if you know linux well)
I know atheros based cards work as well.
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