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Wifi and my G1.. Works only at some places

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So, I have wifi at home. I have wifi at work. and there's a few routers around my house. At home I pickup around 3-5 networks. one of those is my home network I'm trying to use now. but can't.

at work I use a free wireless internet that Caesars Palace provides to it's customers/guests. It works perfectly, almost everytime. It's fast and only drops signal occasionally. Then I'm at home. and it's a different story.

There's a open, unprotected network near my house. I can get on to that with no problems and use it. Works great. Only works on one side of the house though.

Then I have MY NETWORK.. I can't use it with my phone. lol.

I have a netgear Wireless router. the RangeMax Mimo "G" (Xtended Range) router. it has a WAP-PSK [TKIP] and I know the password. but when I enter it. the phone says rememebered, connecting.... and then disconnects. and I can't EVER get on and use my homes. So I just got on tonight. and I changed the password from the HUGE key I had before. to a simple. all lowercase, 10 digit passphrase, yet it still doesn't work. I'm not sure why.

So I now just changed it to be a WAP2-PSK [AES] I've tried all lowercase, I've tried a simple 6 digit code. and for some reason it wont actually connect. Does anyone know what could be the cause for this. Is there something I can do, I'm not to knowledgable in this area. Can I change it to a WEP and try that. or is WAP safer??

If someone can help me get Wifi to also work in my home. I'd love you. and give you some Rep+. So any suggestions would be great!

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no one huh.

One more thing, if I use my phone over Wifi.. Is it acceptable to viruses and problems just as my home PC is?? do I need to be extra careful with the net on my phone, or how does that work?

I had a G1 for a while and it was alright. I do not know if the G1 is wap2 friendly tho. At home I also had the [email protected] router which helped when I was at home. Overall, not a big fan of that phone.
I actually enjoy it. I think it's a cool phone. don't like something. Change it. thats what I've done..
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