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Wii Backup Manager is a Wii Backup File System Manager. WBFS is a file system developed by Wii homebrew coders kwiirk and Waninkoko. It creates a WBFS partition Wii homebrew applications can use. WBFS Managers let you transfer .iso images into the WBFS partition, allowing a USB loader to access and play the game.


I will try to update this when new builds come out. Currently the latest version is Build 78. First, go to the Wii Backup Manager website.


Click on Downloads next to Home.


Click on the latest build. In this case it's Wii Backup Manager Build 78.


Here's the page for Wii Backup Manager Build 78. Scroll down.


Before doing anything, read the text right above the table saying Download links on this page use a click though ad. You will see a 5 second countdown at the top right. After which, you can click skip to be taken to the download. There's a small typo but it doesn't matter.

Under, there should be a table with two columns, one labeled Download location and one labeled Official ad supported link. The Download location links just lead you to the home page of the file host, the Official ad supported link is the one that you need to go through in order to get to the download. Click on one. All the pages are near identical.


On the top right hand corner you should see text saying Please wait 5 seconds.... Once the number reaches zero the text should be replaced by a skip button. Click on it.


I used wiibackupmanager.tk as my host so I ended up on the following page.


The file should be downloaded. On Chrome, downloaded files are shown on a small bar on the bottom of the screen. They can also be shown on the downloads page which can be accessed through the link that says Show all downloads... or crtl + j. On Firefox I believe a small downloads window appears, and I don't know what happens on other browsers.

Download Complete

Setup+Transferring and/or Conversion

Extract all of the files. I already have.


The nice thing about Wii Backup Manager is that all the files are contained in one place so you can put this program on a flash drive, SD card, external hard drive, CD, DVD, or Blu-Ray. Next, open the unzipped folder.


Run WiiBackupManager_Win32 or Win64, whichever one corresponds to your OS. Nothing bad will happen if you open the wrong one. Only the following notice will appear.


Run the application. I am running the 32-Bit version. There is no difference between the two besides for the fact that they are optimized to run as a 32 or 64-bit program.


As you can see on the left it shows a blank disc and case. These just show the disc cover and case images if they're available. As you can see there are tabs located above the list (currently empty). Insert your Wii disc and go to DVD.


Under the tabs, there should be a drop down menu. It should say Inactive. Click on the drop down menu. It should show several options. Since you have the game in your DVD drive, select Drive (D:). The drive will read what's on the disc if it hasn't already. The game should appear on the list below.


Now click on the tab labeled Drive 1. You can also do this with Drive 2.


Under the tabs you come across the same drop down menu that's currently set to Inactive. If you want to save this .iso to a USB device, select the corresponding drive/USB port. If you want to save this on the computer, select Custom Folder... I'm unaware if a second burner will come up as another drive in the drop down menu for Drive 1 or 2. I'm pretty sure though you can use an external burner. Please, don't do anything illegal with this.


Select where you want to save the file and click OK. Now go back to the DVD tab. Check the game/games you want to transfer. Now click transfer and select which drive you want to transfer the image to. There are also other file formats under the drive. I believe it transfer's the image the way it is. For example, if it was originally a .iso, it will transfer it as .iso. If it was originally a WFBS file, then it will transfer it as a WFBS file. However, if you choose one of the formats below, it will convert it and show the same window that shows up if you choose Custom folder... After you select a folder, it will start the conversion and transfer.


During the transfer and/or conversion, it shows the status. On the top right hand corner of the status area, there's a pause sign to pause and an x to abort. I'm pretty sure you can abort or pause at any time during the transfer and/or conversion. Just don't disconnect the device in the middle of this. I haven't tried this but I think the program freezes. At least it did in the previous version I had.

Transfer and/or Conversion Complete

There are several other WBFS Managers out there. Here's a list.


And if you have a Wii instead of Dolphin, install the Homebrew Channel and use a USB Loader. Here's a list. I believe you can still use the Homebrew Channel and the USB Loaders in Dolphin. I don't know how they will perform but they may be of use if Dolphin isn't reading ISO's correctly.


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Originally Posted by trumpet-205 View Post

You think this is allow in here? WBFS is usually used for piracy you know.
I purchase all my games at stores and then do this, no piracy. I can show you all my games. They're a little different than American discs but that's because I had to purchase these in China since the Wii my dad purchased was from China and is landlocked.

On top of that lots of people use Dolphin.

And if it isn't, the mods can simply remove this thread.

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Originally Posted by stRodda View Post

nice write up, but from what i've read, very few dvdrom drives can actually read wii discs. You might have gotten lucky. My burner will not read. Acts as if the drive is empty.
Mine does read it empty. It only see's the ISO in the program. Otherwise, it's a blank disc. Were you using a WFBS manager?

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Originally Posted by trumpet-205 View Post

You think this is allow in here? WBFS is usually used for piracy you know.
Just because something can be used for piracy doesn't mean that is the main or only purpose. i.e. torrents

I find this application nifty in that you can still play your game even if you cousin, such as mine, steps on your disc because he left it out of the case and then tries to blame it on his sister

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Originally Posted by trumpet-205 View Post

For PC to rip Wii disc, you need those special LG DVD drives.
Well apparently my optical drive is special.

Nah. I think the issue is that he isn't using a WBFS Manager to rip his games. If you just use windows explorer it won't see anything. It'll just read it as an empty disc.

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Originally Posted by Infinite Jest View Post

My asus drive is having no luck reading it.
You're using the program...right? I don't know if it works on all DVD/Blu-Ray burners but from the looks of it, no.

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Found it, it has been a while since I was last in WBFS scene. Here is the confirmed working DVD drive for ripping Wii disc.
Confirmed working/non-working - Brand, Model, Firmware version, Rip speed, Mode, User.

HL-DT-STDVD-ROM GDR8082N0L03 - (brightspk, bigtreehe,dfrahm)
HL-DT-STDVD-ROM GDR8082N0007 - 2040MB/hr PIO (uou)
HL-DT-STDVD-ROM GDR8082N0010 - (brightspk)
HL-DT-STDVD-ROM GDR8082N0C07 - 1300MB/hr USB 2.0 (brightspk)
HL-DT-STDVD-ROM GDR8082N0120 - (brightspk)
HL-DT-STDVD-ROM GDR8082N0106 - very slow (Cecy)

HL-DT-STDVD-ROM GDR8084N1.02 - failure (brightspk)

COMPAQDVD-ROM GDR8160B0012 - failure (simoriah, dejjen)
HL-DT-STDVD-ROM GDR8160B0013 - failure (Red07)
HL-DT-STDVD-ROM GDR8160B0018 - failure (brightspk)

HL-DT-STDVD-ROM GDR8161B0042 - 2190MB/hr UDMA 2 (Thomo17)
HL-DT-STDVD-ROM GDR8161B0043 - 2420MB/hr unk (AJRojers)
HL-DT-STDVD-ROM GDR8161B0100 - 2550MB/hr UDMA 2 (uou, danitaro)
HL-DT-STDVD-ROM GDR8161B0102 - (brightspk)

HL-DT-STDVD-ROM GDR8162B0015 - 2600MB/hr UDMA 2 (uou)
HL-DT-STDVD-ROM GDR8162B0018 - 2130MB/hr (sfsi02)

HL-DT-STDVD-ROM GDR8163B0D20 - 1900MB/hr UDMA 2 (uou)
HL-DT-STDVD-ROM GDR8163B0B26 - 1630MB/hr (sfsi02)
HL-DT-STDVD-ROM GDR8163B0L23 - 1654MB/hr (Bossworld)
HL-DT-STDVD-ROM GDR8163B0F15 - failure (brightspk)
GDR81630F21 - failure (brightspk)
GDR81630F22 - failure (brightspk)

HL-DT-STDVD-ROM GDR8164B0L06 - (sparkz197)
HL-DT-STDVD-ROM GDR8164B0B10 - 1780MB/hr UDMA 3 (uou, HOTAIRDAN)

HL-DT-STDVD-ROM GDRH10NB0B10 - (rob7bt)
HL-DT-STDVD-ROM GDRH10NB0F03 - (brightspk)
HL-DT-STDVD-ROM GDRH10NB0D04 - failure (IrishTR)
HL-DT-STDVD-ROM GDRH10NB0L01 - failure (brightspk)
HL-DT-STDVD-ROM GDRH10NBD70D - failure (brightspk)
HL-DT-STDVD-ROM GDRH10NB0M04 - failure (brightspk)
HL-DT-STDVD-ROM GDRH10NB0A03 - failure (brightspk)

(The last 4 digits after the model number are the firmware version, i.e GDR8161B0100 = 0100 firmware)

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