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Wii Costs Nintendo $158 to Make

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When the Big N said that it was making money off every Wii sold, it wasn't kidding

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See....and that's how a company is supposed to be ran. Who'da thunk it? You release something to MAKE money...huh....good idea.

Originally Posted by Krunk_Kracker
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See....and that's how a company is supposed to be ran. Who'da thunk it? You release something to MAKE money...huh....good idea.

Isn't it?
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Nintendo ftw lol, but atleast us "Higher Console Gamers" get hardware for less than it would be worth to buy

Well done N for the pwning of Console profits , However imagine how much is lost due to stupid straps lol
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Wait, so they're using straightforward logic instead of the convulted kind? That's horrible.
ps3 and xbox 360 only loss money per unit for first few years, once all the copyright money comes in from game producers and **** they will make money.

however, wii is clearly ahead of the game already.
so that means that the price can go pretty darn low, before they start losing money...

Sweet deal.
lowering price on Wii good thing
Awesome! That means Nintendo has an even bigger advantage with price! I can't wait for a price drop! (Or I might buy one at full price anyway)
I guarantee Nintendo is making more than that. Nintendo buys in bulk, which means everything is cheaper. Additionally, a $31 optical disk drive?! ***. That's expensive. I just think that Japanese site is a little suspicious.

However, the costs aren't saying how much it costs Nintendo to ship them, and how much stores make in profit.
Um, its basically a laptop drive that needs to support 2 types of discs. $31 isn't half bad!
Doesn't the wii read disk backwards like the gc? That's probably why the optical drive costs so much, it's just a little different then standard ones.

Just a guess though...
Well, interestingly, it doesn't mention anything about the cost of the case or the motherboard.
it doesnt matter anyways, nintendo has been racking up money from previous consoles.
They have to, what else are they going to make money off of? all they have is gaming consoles and hand helds. On the other hand, Sony and Microsoft have tons of other ways to offset the costs.
wow just think:

*walks to a dollor store*

Me: can I buy a PS1
Seller: ok that would be 1 dollor

That would be cool, anyways that had nothing to do with anything of the WII but it's going to cost so little
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not really, just look at the N64 or SNES they do go for $10.
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