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Will 90W power this Mini-ITX kit

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Right now the price is really good for the combination, esp. because I'm using a fully-fledged LGA 775 processor; however the use of that processor (which is 65W) kind of worries me that I might not have enough power for anything else... (the PSU on the small case is 90W, and I believe it's designed for those Intel Atom processors)
I could get an alternative Mini-ITX case with a 250W PSU for not much more, but this kind of small form-factor case and PSUcould be very useful for taking on vacations, say, and it will serve as my new TV/HTPC computer.
Also, could anyone suggest a nice low-power RAM kit to use? (From NCIX preferably) 2GB or 4GB will work either way.
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Sounds good, a 250W PSU with another case should power it I guess. Thanks
*bookmarks that site* >.>
*excuse the double post*

Actually, I've decided to change my options; that power supply calculator does not include the Athlon II x2 235E or 240E (the latter of which is not in stock at NCIX) OR the 8200 integrated so I'm not sure here. I'm working with 90W and I'm pretty sure this will be enough.
In fact, I could upgrade to a 45w Athlon II x4 quad if I wanted to

Any thoughts?
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I didn't realize there were 45W quads, I thought they were all at least 65W.

EDIT: Google tells me you're not crazy... what I don't understand is why NewEgg isn't carrying them!
I purchase from NCIX... though it's a local computer store as well as being major on the internet most esp. in Canada. The 45w Athlon II quads and duals appeared somewhat later compared to the higher-end 95w ones.

AMD ftw?

HOWEVER, I just realized that motherboard doesn't have HDMI on it, which almost ruins the purpose of "media centre PC".... I'll have to think this time, or maybe just get a PC with a dual core atom... I just hope it doesn't perform that much worse than this.
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