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Will a 478 watercooling block fit a 775 socket?

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I can get my hands on a asetek watcercooling kit but it says that it fits 478 socket processors but i wanted to know if thats gonna fit my lga775 socket? ive been told they might be the same fitting so i wonderd if anyone knows if they are the same mounting type? thanx
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You May need 478 to 775 waterblock mount converter. I have that same Mobo so you have lots of room around your CPU so unless you`ve allready got the watercooling kit i would just go with fatal1ty 120 mm fan by zalmann thay work very well. with the vcore at 1.7 overclocked to 4.2 GHz under full load for 4 hours it never went over 35*°C 100,000 hours life exp.
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