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Will ebay allow this and legal to sell like this?

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I wanted to sell my laptop saying it's clean installed with windows xp professional genuined office 2007 genuine and adobe cs3 and flash cs3 installed legitly. I don't know how to prove it's legit, but show a picture I guess.

Would people buy it or would I have to send them the box with windows xp and adobe?
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you made two posts for the same thing. BOTH in the wrong forum...

You could list it like that...but you might wanna word it in PROPER english. Plus, if you have to tell them it's legit...we all know that you didn't pay for it.
Also, if you are selling them the software, they deserve the CD copies of it. You need to send them the Windows disc, cause you just sold them your license...same with office...
Oh zing! You got burned!

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Oh zing! You got burned!

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No Way!
they generally dont really care. as long as it works, they're happy.
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