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Will my E7200 bottleneck a SLI setup?

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Planning on getting a EVGA 750i board and 2 9800gt's. In the future probably a e8400.
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Nope, it shouldn't bottleneck. But you'll definitely get better FPS with a stronger overclock.
shouldn't have any bottleneck if you oc your e7400 a bit higher.

i'd suggest going a quad as your next upgrade
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All you would "need" is 3Ghz a minimum for any 45nm dual core. Obviously faster is better as you should be able to handle 3.6Ghz+ with that cooler, but the different won't be much. Not like it will turn 40 FPS into 90, same thing with an E8400 at equal speed, FPS will barely move and on some games, won't move at all.
You'll love it, especially once you get a higher overclock on that CPU. The 750i FTW is a great overclocker, especially for duals. I hope you don't plan on using an Antec Basiq for SLI 9800GT's, though...
your E7200 should hit 3.6Ghz and handle 2 9800GTs perfectly fine.

Hell, that would be enough even for 2x gtx 260 core 216.
i see those chips hit 3.8ghz all the time. it shouldnt bottleneck, but u should try a higher OC.
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