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Will old Vista 32 on HDD work on new mobo?

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Son's computer died so I'm doing an upgrade.
His psu & GA-P35-DS3L both fried. It has a HDD with existing OEM Vista 32 bit OS with Gigabyte mobo drivers.

I'm replacing the psu and replacing the fried mobo with a Biostar TP45-HP mobo.

Can I use the old HDD without wiping the data and install the new Biostar mobo drivers or will it not boot due to the Gigabyte drivers?

Or do I use a new mobo, new HDD and a new OEM Vista 64 and link the older HDD later?
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You could try it but it would be better just to do a fresh reinstall
Son has about 50 games installed on the old HDD and I'd hate to have to reinstall them all.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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