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Will SSD make SCSI drives obsolete?

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I was looking at this and suddenly thought about the price performance of buying a SCSI controller with a 15k RPM drive opposed to a fast SSD.
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those 15k's are loud just to let you know. i had a 10k before ultra320, that was 4 years ago, and average read/write was around 180MB/s, so yeah they are fast, but they wont be in a couple of years.
unless SSD tech fails, yes it will eventually i am sure. but! it will take time, for a few things mainly.

write life
proven reliability (platter drives are old school.. they have been around and are very reliable now days..)

it will take a while to truly gain everyone's trust with enterprise class data
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Yeah, give it a little time and you'll be seeing some crazy raid stuff with the SSDs that'll make your head spin. Like... This post
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