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The parts are good, I think you could go less on the motherboard unless you plan to run 2+ 6970s at some point. Also, your 1200W power supply is complete overkill. I would go max 850 if you plan to run 2 6970s some day, 600-650 if not. Thats still probably higher than you need, but I always like to go a little bigger than necessary. Something else you may want to consider is getting a smaller black drive and getting a 2TB green drive. Load your OS on the black, data on green. You seem to be going large on this build with your suggested components, maybe you want a SSD as your boot drive and a smaller black as your storage drive. Just some suggestions. You should get all the cables you need with your build. Unless you plan to watercool at some point, I'd consider going with a smaller case also.
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