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Will this combo work?

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I need to build a tower for my aunt. She uses it to do nothing but download music and surf. There she does not require power so much as just a well rounded system running XP Pro. I would like to get this Mobo and the Wolfdale but newegg doesn't list it as a supported CPU.

I just want to double check being that it the same socket as the core 2 series is. Otherwise I will have to default to this board
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Yep - should work just fine. For the most part, any socket 775 CPU will work in any socket 775 motherboard.
You sure? I wanna get this thing built in one shot and then kick it out the house.
Should work just dandy, just update to the latest BIOS version. I had an E8400 on that EXACT board and it ran no problems =)

Originally Posted by gex80
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newegg doesn't list it as a supported CPU.

Always best to check the manufacturer direct - http://www.gigabyte.com.tw/Support/M...2889#anchor_os

Shows that it's supported from F3 BIOS, which was the first release, so you'll be fine
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