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will this hsf work?

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i just got this board
my old heatsink will not work with it. so i need a replacement, dosent need to be amazing, since im getting lc in a few months. will this do the job?
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There are cheaper better coolers around. Don't go to best buy.
Just use your Stock HSF until you get your WC setup or if you really don't like stock, just use this http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16835186010
Just stay with the stock cooler and don't overclock too far.
Im with GSingh on this one.. no sense spending any sort of money on this if you are going to be upgrading AGAIN in a short while. Just wait it out or get a low end air cooler. If you are uncertain of going WC, then get the xigmatec rifle cooler. Its great, performs almost the same as the TRUE and is I think $40 bucks.
my stock dont work . and i need hsf now . bb is the only place near me.
my stock hsf dont have the holes in the right place.
i agree with GSingh too, theres no need to be spending more money if you plan on getting a new rig. its best if you can save up for that new rig. go with something cheap like the one he suggested
sorry i made my first post unclear, the hsf im talking about is the stock. For some reason it wont fit on my motherboard.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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