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Will this P2 955 Setup work?

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Total Price = $325

They have a combo deal with the 955 with the EVO 3 mobo $55 discount was thinking of picking up this setup.

I just want to make sure this RAM will work and will I have trouble getting it at its rated speeds?


Any advice if someone can find a better setup at this price? pls n thanks in advance.
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Should work, but as for running the memory @ 1600 is up to the cpu iteslf and the ram.

Originally Posted by MrTOOSHORT
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Should work, but as for running the memory @ 1600 is up to the cpu iteslf and the ram.

which is why im asking if the phenom ii 955 will be able to do the job?

or can the mobo also become a problem?
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I can run 8gb of ram at the stock frequency of 1066mhz with my set up, but another person with the same ram, mobo, and cpu might not be able to do it.

It's up to the parts you get, but 2x2gb is alot easier to get to 1600mhz than 4x2gb.

I would say the 955 will do it though.
Do I have to overclock the P2 955 to get to 1600?

or can i get it at 1600 at 3.2ghz, its stock clocks?
overclock I believe.
so does that mean i can or cannot run it at stock clocks?
There might be a divider to push it up to 1600, someone with an AM3 set up will have to chime in.

but if you have to overclock your htt to get to 1600mhz on the ram, then you can just use a lower multi to get back as close as possible to 3200mhz on your cpu.
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