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hi all

in the last days a got a new case and some new hardware parts. evrything is fine in the new case (coolermaster 690 II advanced) but i have a strange issue with the e-sata slot (the one beneath the usb slot).
i reinstalled win 7 64 bit and the whole system, including drivers are up to date. when i plug in my external e-sata hdd sometimes both monitors turn black and give me a "no signal" error. on the g15 lcd screen i can se that the whole system freezed so i have to restart.

in the bios (f12 on gigabyte p35-ds3) my internal hdd works with ahci mode. this setup worked fine with my old case (sharkoon rebel 9) and the old win 7 64 bit system.
the only thing that i changed are
cpu: q9550 - stock v-core+speed
psu: coolermaster silent pro 500w
case: coolermaster 690 II advanced

best regards
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