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win 7 and Norton AV

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I upgraded my laptop and my two desktops to Win 7 64bit. They all had Norton AV when they were running Vista Ultimate. Now my Norton AV is not compatible with win7.

I have three keys that are pretty much useless. Did I just throw away money?

For now I am running Avast and Spybot since they are free. I am not spending another $50 if my keys are still good.
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I got a free upgrade from 2009 to 2010 which is win7 compatible, its on there site somewhere. I think I just DL'd 2010 and it took my 2009 key.
I'm not 100% sure to be honest. I'd go with the avast. It's free and does it's job.

Originally Posted by Blackhawk4
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I'm not 100% sure to be honest. I'd be the avast. It's free and does it's job.

Norton is tons better than Avast.

You should be able to just DL Norton 2010 and put your key in. It worked for me.
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Here you go.. if your subscription is current, you should have no problem getting free upgrade to the latest version (which is NAV 2010). Good luck.
What version of Norton are you running? Norton 2010 supports Win 7 and you can upgrade through their site.
I have Norton AV 2009. I'm downloading 2010 right now and going to use 1 of the 3 keys that I bought a while back.

I like Avast, but I need to use what I paid for. Or sell it to a friend.
Well it says that I have exceeded the number of time I can activate.
Hey guys i have Norton Internet Security 2010 ill give you the code if you want? *for like 20bucks* or idkk
I guess I'm going back to Avast
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I might be able to hook you up with nod 32. not really 100% sure...more like 20%
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