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Win 7 install problem

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keep getting a "unable to install a system partition" message on the screen where it shows u all ur drives and asks u where to install giving u option of refresh/format/new/etc...

any ideas?
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Are you performing an upgrade to Win 7?

Are you able to select a drive and format?
custom clean install. can select format, new, etc. error stays not allowing to continue

using 500gb hd's. tried doing 4 drive raid 0. tried 2 drive raid 0 and 2 drive raid 1. no workie
read things from unplugging usb after loading drivers to buncha other things. this is first time ive had problems with installing 7.
decided to go back to the ol fashion way of using a dvd. it works now. installing as i type this
Did you install the raid driver when trying to install it on the raid drives?

Also i like putting my windows 7 on a usb thumb drive that bad boy will install so fast it will make your eyes cross....
ive always installed from usb. dunoe why it was all funky this time... o well. instaled now.
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