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[Win 7] Unable to run .NET programs

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Hey guys.

So, lately I installed Windows 7 on my computer. No upgrade, a fresh and clean install.

Now here's my problem: I'm not able to run any programs that use the .Net Framework. I'm programming in C# so a working .Net Framework is obligatory.

1st try: I installed Win7 along with all my programs I use and need every day. This is when I first encountered that problem.

2nd try: I formatted and reinstalled Win7 again and tried running a .Net program without installing anything else. Didn't work.

So a conflict with another program seems to be out of the question.


Yeah, I'm using Windows 7 Professional x86 (Access to MSDNAA is great :3) and I already used the Win7 Beta - all programs worked fine back then.

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I would check to see if there are any updates for the frameware. If you still have the code for those programs/the project files try running it in debug mode and try and find out what it crashes on. I think this would be most helpful so you can tell exactly where the code breaks.
No .Net program really crashes, they simply don't start. No matter which program I choose... (that includes programs not programmed by myself

Also, all updates are installed.
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Did you enable the .NET Framework 3.5.1 option in Control Panel | Programs and Features | Turn Windows Features On Or Off |....?
You could try setting the compatibility mode on the exe it self. Might help but not sure.
.Net Framework is enabled and no, the compatibility mode didn't do a thing. (Am I all alone with this?)
I dont have anything else that I can think of to check. Hopefully someone knows something more on this.
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