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win7 drm???

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Ok, this site has a lot of beta testers and one of the very few forums i am active anymore. The impression i get is that microsoft is finally listening to their beta testers wants, needs, complaints....blah blah blah. I ALSO heard that win7 is going to incorporate some kind of drm crap that basically if it finds any pirated software, or the like, or like maybe a legite program it doesn't reckognise (i personally don't pirate), but i wonder if it could mistake a legite program and what it does is lock up the said program AND windows7 so you can't even use it. Can somebody shed some light on this crap? because of they do, i doubt they will be selling many copies of their win7.

And for other reasons, i won't install far cry 2 cuz of drm...and i don't want that dung on my computer. Anybody got any very recent feedback from microsoft about this drm ****?

I bought more, better ram to prepare for win7 and have hopes that it will all be good and no big bro bull****.

If they end up seeling the final product with that drm, i will stick with xp until the do away with it, and buy vista.(Hoping they don't also have drm.)
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I say we all boycott Microsoft stuff and go Linux. Cedega can run many games with a minimal performance hit. Then again, I myself run Vista Ultimate x64.

I find DRM as more of an annoyance than a big buying factor. I think companies just need to bite the bullet though and quit ruining their software for people that actually pay for it. I swear, if I ever get anything that locks up my legitimate software, I will never use it again!!!
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