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Win7 Notification Area/Taskbar help

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There maybe a million thread topics on this already, however, google did 0 for me.

Programs that that ran in the background, in the notification area, in Vista are now only staying in my taskbar in 7. I want them back in my notification area.

Steam has no problem with this, however, Windows Live Messenger and other programs that I don't want cluttering my taskbar are reluctant to go back into my notification area.

How do I (registry hack, etc) get them back to where I feel they belong?
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Right Click on the Taskbar and hit Properties.
Under Taskbar tab, select Customize... for the Notification Area.
Slight problem Duckie... Those said programs are not in that list.

EDIT: Ok, you win... however, still on my taskbar. >_< This is getting very frustrating.

EDIT 2: Windows Live Messenger is still not going away. I refuse to email MS, those guys are gonna go by every line of text in those damned books they get from corporate and freeze when there is a problem not dictated in said books.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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