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Hi all,

This is just a quick guide on how to install Win11 on unsuported hardware, for whoever hasn't seen this trick already. Keep in mind - I don't wanna get into "why would you ever want 11, 10/7/nix is just fine" - I get it, some don't want it. This friend however does, and as a curious helpful it-savvy friend, I had a look.

Victim computer: Dell Latitude 5470 w/ Core i5 6300, 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD

How to is super simple:
1. Download Windows ISO from MS: click
2. Download Rufus from Rufus: click
** you need 3.16Beta2 or later, I linked 3.17 above
3. Burn iso using Rufus on a 8GB+ USB stick
**select downloaded ISO
**select the option below - no TPM / no Secure Boot
Rectangle Font Screenshot Parallel Technology

**should look like this:
Rectangle Font Screenshot Material property Parallel

4. Restart from USB and install normally
**except not quite - after staring at a black screen for a few mn, I had to go in the BIOS and "Activate" Secure Boot, which for whatever reason had been deactivated. It simply didn't boot without this setting, took a while to figure out what the problem was. The irony is that it does say in Rufus it's no Secure Boot, but heyho.

5. Enjoy Win 11, which installs exactly like one of the later builds of Win10. I say this, as I installed it in Swedish ('cause friend wanted it like this) - and don't speak any Swedish. The installation screens are identical, managed to delete partitions, format, install, select the correct keyboard layout and choose nej/nej/nej when it asks about telemetry and stuff (at least that's what I think it asked). It installed without network in an offline account and then activated the OS without any issue - it had previously Win10, one of those licenses embedded on the motherboard (as I never put in any key).

So here you go, seems like as of now you can install Win11 on anything, like the way it's always been.
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