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Windows 7 Beta?

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Hey everyone,

I was just informed by a co-worker he's beta testing windows 7, but I haven't seen him in a few days due to his time off.


Where would I sign up for said beta testing?

- Le_Loup
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Windows 7 is NOT in Beta stages. It's in Pre-Beta stages, and there is no Beta right now.

The only version out is for MSDN subscribers, and it is Milestone 3, which is Pre-Beta.
They didn't. The only copies that people are getting are the leaked copies
Actually, MSDN Subscribers can get copies of Build 6801, but most of the people who have them are leaked copies.

Most of the people from your job have leaked copies.
Oh bummer, I didn't realize I had to be a subscriber, I get the microsoft msdn newsletters, does that count?

And in pre beta? What would you call that? ceti? alpha? delta? Is there an eta when it's possible to apply for said beta?

- Le_Loup
MSDN Newsletters aren't being an MSDN Subscriber. That means paying however much it is now to become an MSDN Subscriber.

There is no set date for the first official public Beta. I believe it's sometime in January but I am not positive. Vista Beta 1 changed for months before it was finalized.

There is always a way to obtain these copies. You can probably guess where, but I'm not going to link to them.

To be honest, just wait until a public Beta is out, and then have your fun with it.

Edit: You can apply for Beta 1 I believe, but not at this time. But I don't think anyone who applies actually recieves the Beta. I applied for Beta 1 of Vista two years ago, and ended up just getting the public Beta.

I'm not sure if it's against the rules, but if you really do want a copy of Build 6801, I could most likely mail you one if you paid for postage..

If that's against site rules then please just edit it, don't just ban me over that.
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very stable
fear, crysis, internet, drivers are very good.

windows 7 beta 6801

p.s. using right know
Understandable, overclock.net and it's members do not support piracy of course.

But thanks for the heads up. Any idea where the january 2009 date reference is from? (website?). Would be great to know!


- Le_Loup
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I'd have it running via Bootcamp... But I'm out of DVDs.
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That's the latest site I saw. Again, that is just speculation, but that's still something, right?

BTW, you're from Canadia. I call it that. I love you. Rep!
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*going off topic briefly*

Halifax1, How's weather? Here in Calgary we just had a snow dump!
Haha, I live in Texas.

I've never been to Canada. I love it there though despite never seeing it with my own eyes. I've always been extremely fond of Calgary.

But to answer your question.. it's about to rain! :/ I hate rain.

I definitely am hoping to take a trip there sometime next year. It's one of my biggest priorities. Haha, maybe by that time the official Beta 1 will be out of W7!
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Hey guys, quick question: what's the minimum hard drive space to install Windows 7? Because right now I can only make a 10GB partition, and I bet it'll demand I give it at least 15GBs.
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I think the minimum the last time I saw was 12GB. My Windows 7 install on my 297 drive, left me with 283GB or so free..
MSDN Subs cost a minimum of 5000 per year (i think) i would love to subscribe but i'm poor and that's the price of a new rig! also many universities and collages have subs to MSDN and let students download programs from it. also can't wait for windows 7. i have heard it's good!
Is there a spec's requirement released for windows 7 as of yet? Or with it still in pre beta, not released or discovered as of yet?

Originally Posted by Le_Loup
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Is there a spec's requirement released for windows 7 as of yet? Or with it still in pre beta, not released or discovered as of yet?

As of right now, it's so similar to Vista, I think you can just go by the Vista system specs. I don't think there is an actual release yet though.
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