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windows 7 installation with a thumbdrive

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I currently dont have a DVD burner but I do have a thumbdrive and a burning need to install windows 7 on my new i7 rig ...

How would I go about doing this ??
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It should theoretically be possible using a USB thats big enough

You could also plug the HDD into your current computer. Run the install from whatever OS you have now, then tell it to install on your new HDD
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download magic iso and extract iso files to your thumbdrive and make the thumbdrive bootable. make sure it boot to thumbdrive first.
or extract w7 files on your thumbdrive and run setup on top of your current os.
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I dont have any OS installed as of yet ... i've only flashed the bios so far ...

+ Reps to all

thanks guys
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To make the thumbdrive bootable would I only have to select and assign it as a "boot disc" in bios?

It'll show up in the BIOS as assignable if its plugged in before power on and post ??
Using the tech net tutorial didn't work ...

It turns out that if you're running XP the program "disk part" wont recognize the thumb drive as a drive , only as a volume. Therefore it wont work unless the thumb drive is initialized on Vista.
Well if you have a all in one card reader there is a small chance a HCSD card could be booted from. My bios for some reason thinks mine is a floppy drive lol
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