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On Sunday i reinstalled Windows 7 onto my Agility 3 ssd and I've noticed that my boot times have significantly been reduced, the system seems to hang for a while on the starting window screen after all 4 colors have come to get to form the windows logo. It used to (preformat) stay at that part of the screen for maybe 1-10 seconds now it stays there for almost an entire minute to 10 seconds.

When reinstalling i followed this guide, When i previously installed i followed some steps but some time after the system had been formatted

Any idea why this is happening.

I don't think its the guide as i recently re installed my second rig (same SSD) and it didn't experience this problem following the same guide

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Did you clean install Windows 7 or upgrade? How did you format the drive? I think that you can also use a few boot optimization tools within windows itself to speed up the process. You could even try a non GUI boot and see if that speeds things up. Type in the search menu of the start bar "msconfig" and go to boot>no GUI boot, then proceed to check you startup programs and get rid of anything you know you don't need, as well as services that start that you don't need. Use caution there though.
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