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Windows 7 not recognizing hard drive?

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OK I set up my new family PC which consists of a Gigabyte GA-P55M-UD4 motherboard with an i5 750 and 2x 320GB WD RE3 hard drives in RAID 0, running on Win7 x64.

The old PC had a 120GB Seagate 7200.7 hard drive and ran XP. I removed all user account passwords on the old PC and planned on taking the hard drive and putting it in the new PC and copying over all the files to the RAID drive.

Well I put it in and it shows up in the BIOS, but Windows does not recognize it at all. It does not show up in My Computer nor does it show up, even as unmounted, in Computer Management.

Anybody have some ideas?
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i had the same problem cuz in xp my drive was labeled as C and when i loaded windows 7 it auto sets up my system drive as c, so i had to right click on my computer and go to diskmanagement and saw it, but it wasnt available, then had to click on it and assign a new letter then boom....worked....hope this helps
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Thanks but it wasn't showing up at all in disk management. I fixed it though, I originally had it plugged into a jmicron port, but now I plugged it into one of the ICH10 ports and it worked fine.
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