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windows 7 on a RAID 5

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i just finished my first build. phenom 2 X4 965, asus m4a78t-3, 4GB ram and 3 1.5TB SATA in raid 5. 2 drives are WD green and one is seagate. i have the latest raid driver for win7 from asus website and during windows 7 install i load the driver, it recognizes the raid but can't install on it or can't format a partition. it will install fine on the drives not raided but i really want to setup raid 5. i also tried ubuntu 9.10 on raid 5 but it didn't work, i think ubuntu wasn't recognizing it and tried to install on a single drive because i checked the drives after it failed and it formatted a partition on just the one drive. Any help would be appreciated, thanks
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it is windows 7 64 bit.
when i setup my raid do i need to adjust the size? i usually just hit 'any key to maximize capacity'.
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