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Hey fellow members.

An associate of mine is having a problem with his computer when working with Photoshop (CS3). Whenever he's dealing with very large 1-2GB files saved/copied/moved on his desktop (literally on his C: drive)...he would experience some serious slowdowns. His computer consists of the following...

Intel i5 3330
Western Digital Black 1TB

From the looks of things...it seems decent enough to work well. However, I would like to confirm with you guys if the bottleneck is the hard drive and Windows 7 Pro operating system doing its usual indexing with files being that the drive is what seems to be put on the most load (accessing light staying on). He did notice some better performance when working with the large files on a secondary 1TB hard drive (non-OS) that he keeps as a backup.

Would disabling indexing help solve this problem? He would like to avoid anymore hardware upgrades.

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Indexing is done in the background, not real-time. I think the performance issues are probably due to the HDD. The HDD black is going to top out at 130 MB/sec sequential write speeds -- even if it was 100% defragmented, you're still looking at a solid 15 seconds to write a 2GB file. That's a long time when you're waiting for a save. Also, when COPYING files to/from the same drive, your effective transfer speeds are going to be about 40% of what they are sequentially due to the disk having to read and write at the same time. Having multiple drives -- a data drive and a scratch drive will help a lot. Photoshop has provisions for defining a scratch drive in it's configuration specifically to handle that situation.

I'd give strong consideration for a RAID 0 SSD configuration for data if the person is working with those files professionally. At 950+ MB/sec sequential write speeds in RAID 0 a pair of Samsung 840 Pros would really speed up their workflow.

Any time I recommend RAID 0 - it goes without saying I need to recommend a solid data backup solution to go with it.

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