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Hey Guys,

Just recently had this problem with windows update screwin up my windows Aero -.- Very annoying cause everything looks like crap now, I've tried a bunch of fixes like using command prompt spc/scannow let that run all it did was change my custom windows start button... Tried a restore but I just get an error on the desktop saying the restore wasn't successful... did this a couple times ...

I've also searched for others with this problem and could only find people who had this about 6+ months ago! I've tried even the simplest fix which is running the troubleshooter for windows Aero and it doesn't give me anything, It doesn't even use the generic "your video card doesn't support windows aero or DirectX" just says it can't find any problems.

So I'm at a wall right now, No idea where to start looking again, Does anybody else have any ideas? Any help would be great !

Also this is the system in my Sig, never had a problem before this.
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