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Windows 7 upgrade: CPU usage stupidly high

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Hey guys, I just upgraded from vista 32-bit to windows 7 32-bit and now, for some reason, my CPU usage is STUPIDLY high, never lower than 30%, often at about 50%. I'm running only firefox. What is going on here?
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A clean install would have been better than an upgrade. TBH, I can't recall ever doing an upgrade.
...is that the only possible solution?
Then why would the idle CPU usage with vista be so much lower? idle with vista was like 1%. unless windows 7 installed spyware, which it definitely didnt, i dont think that's the problem.
I blame the upgrade as well. It's something I would never do or recommend.
why don't you see what is taking up the high cpu usage in task manager
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dude you upgraded right, STUPID MOVE DOOD!
do a clean slate install, make some back up files, if your like me and all your installers for everything are somewhere on your hardrive put them onto and exteranl or something, and in theroy you should be running at 2% idle, my system runs at 1% on the first core the rest somehow are on -1%
You need to open up task manager, go to processes, hit cpu so it arranges processes by cpu usage, then find out what is eating up those cpu cycles. Try killing the process and see if you idle at 1 or so percent usage.
i would like to point out that the new firefox is a cpu whore

Originally Posted by JohnDProb View Post
i would like to point out that the new firefox is a cpu whore
3.5.5 or 3.6b3 (beta)? I've used both and haven't had any problems..
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