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Windows 7 will not shut down

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I've been having this little problem for a while now. When I try and shut down Windows 7, it hangs at the 'Shutting Down...' screen forever. It will never advance beyond it, and I just have to turn off power at the PSU.

Since it started I've gotten a new PSU and have even reformatted and I have the same issue. The only thing that seems to correlate with this starting is my 4850x2 2gb card I got, I think the problem started right around when I installed that.

Anyone have any ideas?
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it does not sound like the videocard is at fault here. everyonce in a while, mine will not shutdown either and i think its windows itself. double check too see if you have all the updates as i think it was an update that fixed my issue, because it hasnt done that in a while sense a few updates came out.

good luck
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