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Hi all! New here, but after googling quite a bit, I haven't been able to come up with anything.

So anyways, I just installed an EVGA GTX 570 SC into my new build. Unfortunately, whenever I try to install any nVidia drivers, she just won't boot into Windows. It gets to the "Starting Windows" screen, then the screen turns black, and I must restart. After uninstalling the drivers from safe mode, the computer will boot into Windows just fine, though obviously I don't want to run it like this forever.

I have tried the 266.35, 266.44, 265.90, and 263.09 drivers...all to no avail. Sometimes after installing new drivers, I'll be able to boot into Windows for a bit, but once I shut down, I can't get back into the OS.

If anyone has any answers or suggestions, I'm open to all. Thanks, and I appreciate it!
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