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Windows 7 x64 and Asus Xonar DX

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Hey guys, I've got an Asus Xonar DX sound card and Windows 7 Ultimate x64. Both are great products, but lately they don't work together very well anymore. I have 7 fully updated, and the Xonar DX is running the latest drivers.

The problem is that it works fine for a while (sometimes half an hour, sometimes 2 hours, sometimes 5, ...) and then my sound just dies. I will try to play a song and it will not play. I'll go into my sound setup, try to play test sounds, they won't play. When I reboot (the only way I've found so far to fix this), I get the black screen saying that explorer.exe hasn't been shut down yet because it's playing the logoff sound. If I don't force it to shut down, it just sits there like that.

Has anyone got any idea as to how to fix this? I've tried disabling my onboard audio in an effort to try to fix the issue, but it didn't help. I've searched Google a couple of times about this now, and I can't seem to find a fix for this (most issues that pop up problems with Windows 7 beta's where Windows wouldn't run any programs anymore with the card's drivers installed).

Thanks in advance guys, I highly appreciate any help
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Don't hit me in the head with a shoe ...but have you tried re-installing the Xonar? Your best bet would be to open a ticket with Asus. They should be more up to date with Xonar issues.
I use both the Xonar DX and Windows 7 x64. I do not have any problems at all.

I would first try and do what Wishmaker suggested. Uninstall all Asus Xonar DX drivers and then run CCleaner to clear the registry. Sometimes drivers leave stuff behind that can cause problems.

Then try reinstalling. There are the drivers that I use:


If you do not have this version then go here:


Then you have to choose your product. First select "Audio Cards". Then select "PCI-e Audio". Then lastly select "Xonar DX". Then click on "search" and you will now be asked for your OS. Obviously select Windows 7 64bit. There you will find this version of the driver I use, under the AUDIO header.
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Yeah, I was thinking about contacting Asus as well, but only as a last resort, I have some bad experiences with opening ticket (have been waiting for 2 weeks now for a reply from my hosting company on a ticket I opened).

About the drivers, I've already wiped them twice, and I'm running the latest ones ( as we speak.

Any other ideas? If not, I'll just have to take my chances with Asus support
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Try taking the card out of the slot and put it back in.
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