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Windows 8 BSOD at Startup

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You know, I had this problem once before when I first installed Windows 8:

I shut down the machine. Note: This does not occur after a restart. Upon starting up, when the logon screen should display, instead I get a BSOD. I restart again and the machine boots to Windows no problem.

I fixed this once before and I remember that it was definitely a setting I changed to resolve it. Why is it occurring again you may ask? Well, I updated to Windows 8.1 and I'm guessing it reset that setting.

Has anyone dealt with this that might know off the top of their head?

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only thing i can think of is ahci... im having some major issues with 8.1 on the newest build im currently working on, so far it has refused to install at all with a gskill 16gb at 1866 and when it installed with 4gb at 1600, it ran fine for about half an hour. then everytime i get to password, type it in and hit enter, I get error code MEMORY_MANAGEMENT windows page. restart. rinse. and repeat.

make sure motherboard uefi boot loader isnt before dvd drive or hard drive.
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