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I had the Windows 7 Release Candidate installed in my PC. I just bought the full version a few days ago (Home Premium). I had the RC version installed in a RAID Stripe set up (2x 500GB Seagate). Another HDD (1TB WD Black Caviar) I have is just for files. In the Disk Management window it says:
Disk 0 = WD 1TB HDD (F
Healthy (System, Active, Primary Partition)
Disk 1 = 2x500GB RAID (C
Healthy (Boot, Page File, Crash Dump, Primary Partition)
Disk 2 = it says it is a removable (E
No media
CD-ROM 0 = DVD (
No media
When I installed the full version of Windows 7 I "forgot" to make a full format of the 2 RAID HDD's. After installation when I rebooted the PC, the Windows boot manager window popped up and I had 2 Windows 7 option to choose from. I realized I did something wrong and I disabled RAID in the BIOS and formated each HDD, well, I tried to format them by inserting the Windows 7 installation disk and did the format option one get just before the Windows OS gets installed. When I formatted the HDD's WIndows told me it is not possible to install the OS in that HDD......
So, I purchased WipeDrive 5.0 and did a full HDD wipe (recommended option).
I ended up with 2 clean HDD's and I set up RAID in the BIOS and installed the Windos 7 OS on it. I thought all went well.......yea right!!
After reboot, guess what, the Windows Boot Manager popped up again it now I have 3 Windows 7 options. What the hell?
What did I do wrong?
I never had this stupid thing happen to me in XP or Vista.

Please help!!
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