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I've got a set of Audio-Technica ATH-A700 headphones that I have connected to my front panel port, and Logitech X-240 speakers connected to the rear panel, both connected to integrated audio. Just recently, neither one was playing from the left side. When I listen to music or when I test the device in the Windows Playback Devices menu page, the right side plays but the left side is silent. At first I thought my new headphones were malfunctioning, but I got the exact same issue when I disconnected them and tested the speakers. How can I troubleshoot this issue? What other information is needed? Is this the appropriate forum for the question?

ETA: When I tested my headphones with my laptop, both the left and ride side had audio.
ETA2: Restarting the computer fixed it. I feel like a derp.

Thank you for any assistance and time,
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