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Windows Event Log has stopped working

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Hey guys,

As the title says, "Windows Event Log has stopped working". I keep getting this dialog box popping up occasionally when I listen to music or playing MW2. After this little window disappears, the Audio service is cancelled meaning that I can't adjust the volume and I there is nothing coming through my audio devices (obviously).

How do I keep my music and games uninterrupted?

P.S my Windows Updates are up to date.
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I'm guessing your talking about you sig rig so you are running Vista 64bit SP2. What is happening I guess is a svchost.exe is screwing up. DHCP Client, Windows Audio, and Windows Event Log all run under the same svchost.exe. Is DHCP messing up too? That's all I can say I don't know what the problem is or how to solve it.
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