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Windows / Everest / BIOS showing me the wrong CPU.

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Hello everyone.

I built in a "new" CPU ( AMD Athlon XP 3000+) into my "new" Motherboard ASRock K7VT4A Pro. But yet Windows / Everest / BIOS are showing me that I have built in only AMD Athlon XP 1800+. Does anyone know what the problem could be ? I am sure that the Motherboard supports that CPU and I just dont get what the problem is. I am not a pro when it comes to PC hardware and or software but I see that something seems to be wrong
Everest also says "10.5 x 133" and I guess that 133 is the FSB ?! But the CPU needs and the board supports FSB333. Yet when I go into BIOS I cant set FSB that high. I updatet BIOS but still no progress.....hope someone here can help me.
Thanks guys
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Looking atthis, it seems that either your Clock MP is too low, or as what you already mentioned, the FSB is set too low in the BIOS.
Is the Clock MP set to the higest available in the bios?
The XP3000+ runs at aprox. 2100MHz and doesn't have an unlocked MP, so if the 10.5 is the max you need to raise the FSB.
2100/10.5 = 200
If set to 200 it should run just fine.
You need to set your FSB to 166mhz.

166mhz x2 gives you the 333FSB
You need to set your FSB to 166mhz.

166mhz x2 gives you the 333FSB
thx for the tips. I have set FSB in BIOS to 166MhZ but when I saved settings and started Windows it wouldnt boot and told me Windows shut down to prevent damage to the system. Do I have to do something else before setting FSB higher ?
Are you able to raise the Clock MP? And check if the CPU is running at 1,65 V.
Yep I can raise it......its at 32 now....is that too low ? Voltage is at 1.65V

Originally Posted by Havog View Post
Yep I can raise it......its at 32 now....is that too low ? Voltage is at 1.65V
Are you sure you have the correct value? A CPU Clock MultiPlier of 32X is not correct.
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Cant change CPU Clock Mutliplier
This is what my EVEREST Report says :

Prozessor Eigenschaften:
Hersteller AMD
Version AMD Athlon(tm) XP 1800+
Externer Takt 133 MHz
Maximaler Takt 3000 MHz
Aktueller Takt 1400 MHz
Spannung 3.3 V, 2.9 V
Status Aktiviert
Sockelbezeichnung Socket-A
Where did you get this CPU from?

There are counterfeit AMD CPUs mainly the socket A ones. Which in your case could possibly be one of them.
How can I recognize if its a counterfeit one ? I bought it in a store and so I thought it must be original one....but I just cant get it to run as fast as it should...
You could ask the store about this, you have warrenty on it, so you could always ask for a replacement.
I set the Jumpers now on FSB 333 and BIOS shows me the right CPU ( AMD Athlon XP 3000+ ) But the computer keeps shutting itsself down to "prevent damage "....*** ?! Anything else I have to consider ?
Well if it is only showing as a 1800+ then sadly you may have a counterfeit CPU, you should return to the store ASAP and demand a refund
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Well Everest is showing me that my CPU is able to do 3000mhz and it is doing 1400.....if I set FSB higher then BIOS and Everest show me that I have the right CPU built in so I guess its the right CPU or am I wrong ?! But COmputer wont work with 3000+ so I guess there is more I have to set right ?!
I think you are confusing 2 different things here...
You have an XP3000+ which actually runs @ 2100MHz
You are trying to run it @ 10.5*333 = 3.4GHz....

An XP1800+ is doing 1.533GHz...
Try setting the FSB to 200, it will let it run @ the 2100MHz where it should be.

Socket A is a while back, can't quite remember how things were back then, but if I'm not mistaken things haven't changed much.
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