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Just looking for some quick advice.
I'm building a new computer, and with the old parts building a new server.
The motherboard will have a Windows 7 Pro and a Windows 8 Pro key attached to it. But, I've seen how cheap 'Windows Home Server' is.
What do I lose/gain between choosing 7/8 over Homeserver?

This is going to be a file server/Plex server. No backups are necessary.
Most likely wont be plugged in to a monitor (or it could very well be, I'd just be too lazy to switch mouse/keyboard/monitor channel). So being able to remote in to it would be nice from my main PC. Being able to remote in to it from outside home would be nice, but it'd probably just be something I wouldn't use anyway.

It'll not be used for much really, Minecraft/Teamspeak server goes without saying.
Can't remember the name of the program off the top of my head, but there's a program I'll be using that'll stream music to my phone.

That'll probably be it. So yeah, worth buying home server or not?

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If it's just for file sharing/access stick to W7, slap Dropbox on it and install Teamviewer to remote into it from multiple devices

That way you'll have your files on the cloud as well as on the physical machine. I know you said backups aren't necessary but when its oh so easy why not make full use of it?
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