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Windows Mobile 6.1-6.5

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Hey Guys,

Well I just purchased a HTC Touch Pro from ATT. I must say this thing is awesome, I like that physical pad for chatting and the touch screen. My question is, since it has 6.1 or 6.0 will the 6.5 update be free. I saw pictures of it and I was wondering if #1 I could install it on my phone and #2 If I could download it for free.


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I also want to know this. I have a samsung omnia i900 16GB and it has 6.1
1. yes
2. it's free, but it's probably not going to come direct from HTC / microsoft. this is because HTC have a tendency of only supporting their latest products (which the Pro isn't anymore) and Microsoft has said that they will not be offering WM6.5 to devices without a dedicated hardware start button for some reason

end game is, if you buy a Touch Pro 2 you'll get a free upgrade to WM6.5


that said, xda-developers has WM6.5 running on the Touch Pro in beta form, one example of which can be found here


and the TouchFlo 3D from the HTC Touch Pro 2 is being ported over to the Diamond / Raphael - should be available real soon. if you again want to try it in beta, follow the link below


be warned that the above procedures void your warranty and if done incorrectly can permanently damage (brick) your device. i take no responsibility for this if it occurs, and do not hold me responsible. do it at your own risk.

when it is done it should be avauilable as a .cab file that you can install.

http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=486471 is the development thread

rocker i wish i could help you but i don't know where to find that kind of info for an omnia.
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att might offer an upgrade, but they are stingy.
As posted above, you can install pretty much any version of the more current WM OS' from xda-developers.
sucks,,, would be nice
Just download an unsigned Hard-spl, then download any (cooked/OEM) Rom you want.

I got 6.5 RUnning on my Diamond.
Pics in a few
anything useful?

worth me voiding my warranty to jump to or should i wait until the warranty expires and then flash away when it's more stable and established?
You will probably see speed increase.. though that's dependent on what ROM you put on

I upgraded my VX6800 (HTC Titan) to a cooked 6.1 ROM and its much faster, but still has the WM lag to it.
OMG!! Wow, I totally screwed that up guys, I don't have Touch Pro, I just have the Touch. So do you think the Touch could do it or only the Touch HD?
GSM only : http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=483078 - go to the upgrading section to find out more ones

i can't seem to find any for CDMA

Changing rom will not necessarily void your warranty, if something goes wrong with your phone and you can install the standard OEM WM that you got from ATT then it will be alright. Otherwise if you have insurance you can jsut get a new phone that way, if something happens.
hmm might have to try this on my i617. already voided going to 6.1 on a non 6.1 model
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