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Windows not loading

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So this is a computer for work. My boss was tapping a set of plans on the desk and he said he heard something rattling inside the computer. He opened it up and found it was the fan. So he took it out fixed it and put it back in.

When he turned the computer back on it would POST and go to the screen saying there was an error with windows. The screen that says load into safe mode, safe mode w/ networking etc... when you select any of the options it will go to the windows loading screen. It would bring the first block of the loading bar onto the screen then freeze. A second later the computer would restart and start the process over again.

So i reset the CMOS and took the HDD out reset all of the connections and even used a different cable. My first thought was the motherboard, but im also thinking it might be the HDD. Just wondering if anyone can confirm my beliefs. Or if anyone has seen this problem before. Any help is appreciated because there is alot of important info on there. Thanks in advance!

By the way not entirely sure where to put this because not sure what is causing this! Sorry if you think its in the wrong section.
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I would first suggest unplugging, and replugging every plug in the computer. That helps a lot of problems. Next, I would test each component in another computer to see exactly what is causing problems. It *could* be a dead Hard Drive, but I don't know yet.
Thanks for you suggestion corporalAris. I will give that a try later.

Now that I think about posting it here, it doesn't make a whole lot of sense. So i reposted in AMD general. So if an Admin wants to remove this from here that is fine, if not I am still open to suggestions about possible being a windows error. Thanks
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