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windows password

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I installed a fresh copy of windows on a new build with two user accounts...I didn't make a password for them as it was new well when it boots to the startup screen the two users are there but they have passwords needed..I never had this happen?? Is there a default password for windows??
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tried both ...nothing... and it wont do anything with no password at all either
OOOHH chozart I need an answer...lol
I tried "password" ...nothing...And the drive is formatted and everything....
try booting from safemode into administrator account,
then go to run and type cmd.exe
then type "net user 'name of the account' * without the apostrophes
it will ask you type a password for this user
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lol yeah i need to use my brothers computer one time and he said i could if i guesed his password, he couldnt beleave it when he got back lol, all i did was go ito safemode and delete his pass lol, its funny how so many people leave that wide open
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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