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Windows seems to be stopping my fans

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When I am in the BIOS my fans run when I am in grub my fans run when I am on ubuntu my fans run but not when I am in windows. Could windows be overriding the BIOS fan control? If so how do I fix it? My hunch is I need to change the HAL from being ACPI pc to APCI uni processor pc. My laptop is an acer aspire 5315 and I installed windows XP on it, it didn't come pre installed.
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The windows drivers are probably more specific for your laptop and thus lowering the fan speed according to the temperatures.

To see if Windows is indeed running the fans based on temperature, boot into windows and modify the power settings so that it does not turn off or go on stand by and set it on your bed. If the fan turns on after it starts getting hot then windows is just throttling the fan speed, if not i wouldnt know why.
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