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Windows Server 2008 ATI driver "sdkf;ljgbs;ergb"

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Yea. I was having some issues with Windows Server 2008 x64 SP2 RC, so I uninstalled it. Along with that huge process, I decided to remove my graphics drivers (Vista x64 ATI 8.12). After finishing all these processes, I downloaded and installed driver version Vista x64 9.2. I got this box:

I uninstalled it. Tried 8.12 again. Got the same box.
Uninstalled it. Tried Driver Sweeper to remove the hard to get stuff.
Installed 9.2. Got the same box.

I don't know what to do now. These drivers were working, but I was having issues with CS:S so I thought I would just reinstall them. woops.


So I uninstalled everything again, and downloaded just the 9.2 driver, without the other stuff. i extracted it and simply updated the driver through the device manager. everything worked great that way, then 5 seconds later it rejected it and gave me this screen:

i'm baffled.

When I uninstalled the driver, (and when I tried uninstalling the standard video driver, after reboot) I got this screen:

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Probably because it's a release candidate build.
I'm running 9.2's on my main with Sp1, no problems.
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