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Windows Vista Question

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okay, so i upgraded to windows vista to see what its like. ive seen a few bugs here and there but i keep hearing about RC2. Is there any way to upgrade RC1 to RC2 without having windows send me the cd or downloading it as a .iso file? cause i do not have a DVD burner. I was wondering if anyone knew if there was a way to download RC2 like an update through the Windows Update or something?
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No you cant Upgrade from RCI to RC2 through Download or CD. You have to do a Fresh Install.
ah dang k thank you
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You need to do a fresh install. But why in the heck do you whant to go to vista? If you see i am in vita to but i mean rc 2 has ****** buggs
! Only go over to vista if you whant to try it out not good for other things.
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Yes rtm... i has that now but i mean he/she wanted rc2 not rtm....and rtm has some buggs yet...
No Beta Downloading is Over. You can get it as a Torrent though.
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