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Windows XP 64-Bit SLOW CPU? HELP

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hey guys, need sum serious help with my windows xp pro 64-bit, fresh install

works perfectly then i install kaspersky, nvidia drivers, stil lworks, basic apps

(firefox, aim etc.) working well then i install an audio driver (creative) to i can

listen to music then reboot... windows looks perfect right now then i click on

firefox takes a really long time and i find out that everything is slow and

buggy, like really slow, CPU goes from 1% then stays at 100% for awhile and i

cant even click on the start menus without waiting 2 minutes, i restarted

several times and made sure i have no viruses, rootkits etc. not sure its

the creative sound driver anyone know?
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as I tried to take the picture of the screen it was extremely slow
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You got a crap load of processes running. I'm running xp64 this is my idle process list.

Never heard of searchindexer.exe before. I guess going into you msconfig, unchecking all the start up processes, uncheck indexing service, and then hide all microsoft services and unchecking all those extra services except for your video drivers service.

Edit: Opps, forgot to exit Last.fm. So thats 21 idle services.
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Turn off FF and see if computer gets faster?
Also you said this happened after you installed your audio drivers, no?

Go into your sound properties, and somewhere in there(i think under advanced or something like that) there's something about audio enhancements. Disable it. If that doesn't work or has bad side effects, try uninstalling your sound card drivers. Creative makes the worst drivers EVER IMHO. + XP 64 support isn't that great from what Iv'e heard.
ughh, i have no addons for firefox its a fresh install yet it hogs all my memory? anyways i deleted it still have the problem i also deleted my audio drivers.. a computer running with 2 megs of ram and a 10 mhz cpu is faster than what mine is right now so annoyingggg for once im stumped will rep you guys but pc is too slow i'll do it later :swearing:
if you could post another screenshot of your task manager now that you have firefox and creative audio deleted it would help me out.
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