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hi guys...

some of you here must have read my post in the last few days asking about how to create a drive image where the system is installed, which is XP... and I asked about some programmes for such stuff, since XP doesn't have the built-in imaging engine like in Vista... well... I finally found ( Drive Image ) V 6.0... so I just created an Image of the C partition... and then rebooted as usual... every thing went OK, but when I tried to check out the image, I tried to open the folder where I set up the Image... then I got a massage saying that the path is not correct or the file is corrupt.. ( some thing like that... I cant exactly recall what was that message) but my brother told me later when I was away from home that he could open that folder... so... do you think that something wrong happened in the procedure of imaging ??? though the Drive Image told me that " the operation was successful" so what do you say with that ????

will I be able to restore that Image when I need it ???

I don't want to try restoring the image without the need for that...

merci a vous
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